UMT Strategic Plan – Tier 4


Ocean of Discoveries for Global Sustainability. The slogan of Universiti Malaysia Terengganu suggests that the aspirations of the university to become a world-renowned marine- focused university and being respected globally with the mission of generating knowledge for the well-being of the community and the preservation of nature.

Facing the fast-paced era, UMT needs to be alert and up- to-the-minute. As a developing university, UMT needs to be smart in planning to stay abreast and stand up at par with other prominent universities. The aspiration, determination and goal are portrayed through the UMT Strategic Plan 2018-2022 and will be realized through a systematic implementation.

UMT Strategic Plan 2018-2022 is a joint planning that was formed as a result of input from the entire UMT workforce and stakeholders. It is a continuation of implementing the plans from the past ve years (2013-2017) where all the de ciencies and constraints identi ed have now been improved and adapted to the current shift. To ensure sound implementation of PSUMT 2018-2022, this document will also be substantiated by UMT Marine 4.0 Blueprint.


UMT Strategic Plan 2018-2022